Cleaning procedure

Removing cap

  1. Unplug everything (from amp/port), remove cap from participant head by pulling from side

    • Make sure to detach cords from participant’s shirt / skin

    • Ask them to remove electrodes you can’t access

  2. Carry cap in one hand, cables in other hand, take to kitchen area and place on dry towel

  3. Remove EEG battery from amplifier and take it to charge

Clean in kitchen

  1. Use tool to remove optodes

    • Put tip between optode and holder and push like a staple remover

    • Remove all optodes and put aside

  2. Wrap the black splitter box (EEG) in towel (has to stay dry!)

  3. Fill bowl with water & place cap with electrodes in bowl

  4. Optodes: (have to stay dry!)

    • Try to separate bundles, detangle as much as possible

    • Clean tips with alcohol swaps, try to get gel off the wires

    • When finished, place in to phantom head

  5. Move optodes (in phantomhead) out of kitchen when done

  6. Electrodes: (have to get wet! cannot touch metal!)

    • Place cap and electrodes in bowl with splitterbox wrapped in towel on the side

    • Use 2 fingers to slide electrodes out of holders, number labels can help

    • When all electrodes are removed, put cap aside to soak

    • Take a bundle of 4 electrodes at a time, get gel out with toothbrush, push white holder down to keep electrodes from tangling

    • Touch electrodes to make sure gel is completely off

  7. Put cap under water – place each hole under water, then scrub with toothbrush

    • When gel is removed, put in separate bowl for disinfection

    • Use metricide to soak (3 sprays) 3-5 min!!

    • Rinse cap and gently squeeze water out

  8. Place electrodes and cap on the drying rack in the lab

Cleaning skin conductance & heart rate sensors

Hang cleaned sensors on the rack next to the shelf in the back of the lab

Skin Conductance

  • Cannot get wet

  • Use tissue to get all gel residue off * Make sure no residue is remaining

Heart Rate

  • Use damp cloth to gently wipe

  • Use tissue / kitchen towel to dry

Cleaning the eyetracker