To run an experimental session, run the following command from the tomcat directory.


By default, the above command runs the tutorial mission followed by the hand-crafted Zombie mission. To run the procedurally generated version of the Zombie mission (which is still in its early stages of development), run the following command from the tomcat directory.

MAIN_MISSION=3 ./tools/run_session

The data from the session will be saved in the folder:


where <session_id> is a UUID.

This folder will contain the following files:

  • metadata.json: A JSON file containing metadata about the session.

  • Folders corresponding to the missions run in the session, of the form mission_N, where N is some identifier (e.g. mission_0, mission_1, etc.).

  • Each folder mission_N will have the following files:

    • webcam_video.mpg : A video recording of the player’s face taken using the built-in webcam.

    • screen_video.mpg : A video recording of the Minecraft playthrough (i.e. what the player sees on their screen)

    • player_audio.wav : A WAV file containing the audio recording of the player.

    • system_audio.wav : A WAV file containing a recording of the sound output produced by the computer. This will not be produced on macOS computers running macOS Mojave or older.

    • messages.txt : A file containing timestamped observations of the player’s state, in-game events, and self-report responses. Each line in this file corresponds to a JSON object.

The format for the event and observation data can be found here.

To interrupt the game and quit at any time, press the Esc key, then click on the terminal window where you ran the script, and then interrupt the process with Ctrl+C. You can also quit the game by closing the Minecraft window.