Software setup on windows machine

Impedance check (Brain Vision Recorder app)

  1. start windows machine

  2. open virtual box application

    • press start (green arrow) on one, then wait for it to start up.

    • then, press start on the second one

      • you should have two clones open, plus the original windows

  3. connect USB on the clones (right click on USB symbol to open, left-click to connect)

    • each clone needs exactly one actichamp & one sentinel connected

    • disconnect if there is more than one connected

      • trouble shoot: make sure one of the clones isn’t connected to all actichamps/sentinels

  4. open Brain Vision Recorder on all three machines

    • click “amplifier” tab to check which serial number is connected to this particular app (lion, tiger, leopard)

    • proceed with impedance check by clicking lightbulb symbol

  5. once impedance check is complete, press “stop” button in Brain Vision Recorder app, close app

    • DO NOT close the virtual machine using the “X” button, ALWAYS shut down

  6. shut down each of the two virtual machines one by one like a normal computer (click on windows symbol, select “shutdown”)

LSL streaming setup (LSL app)

  1. open LSL actichamp three times (3 windows side by side)

    • copy &paste electrode labels from the “electrodes” file on the desktop into the app

  2. enter one serial numbers into one of the apps, until all three amps are listed

    • click “link” to connect

      • start out with leopard

      • try order of connected amp to clone 2, clone 1, original windows NOTE: if one of the three fails to connect, you have to disconnect all amps, close all LSL windows, and open three news LSL windows.

    • try different orders of connecting the amps

actichamp = Brain Vision Amplifier
Sentinel = license key for application