The following commands should install ToMCAT and its dependencies for macOS and Ubuntu (tested with Ubuntu 18.04) users:

git clone
cd tomcat && ./tools/install

For people using other operating systems, note that ToMCAT depends on the following: CMake 3.12+, Boost, a C++17 compatible compiler, libfmt, doxygen, ffmpeg, OpenCV, dlib, Java 8, Mosquitto 1.5+, and Gradle. You can inspect the script tools/install_dependencies to see what exactly is being installed and how.

Please make sure your internet connection is active while the install script is running. macOS users may want to turn off their firewalls.

We don’t officially support Windows right now, but pull requests that add Windows support are welcome.

For developers

To speed up builds, create a file called and add org.gradle.daemon=true to it:

echo "org.gradle.daemon=true" > ~/.gradle/