Eye tracker

Setup of Eyetracker

Always setup the cap first. Eyetracker can only be calibrated when cap setup is complete and participant is in the final stages of setup!

  1. Get black clothy wire and attach it to the eyetracker

2. Put eyetracker glasses on the participant (or ask them to do it). Needs to be above the cap and not interfering with electrodes! 3. Open Pupil Capture App on iMAC (circle on desktop)

  • you should see three windows, two eyes and a video of the screen

  • if needed: put finger in front of one eye-camera to see which window is which eye

  1. Adjust the cameras to capture the eyes, use extenders if needed

  2. Calibrate eyetracker using the big “C” button on the left of the big window

  • make sure the center camera is capturing the entire iMAC screen

  1. Start recording with big “R” button on the left of the big window

To finish

  • stop recording, then close tabs & remove glasses.

  • unplug from cable

  • remove extenders

  • clean any gel stains