Class Mission

Class Documentation

class tomcat::Mission

The Mission interface represents an abstract Minecraft mission

Public Functions

Mission(std::string mission_id_or_path, unsigned int time_limit_in_seconds, unsigned int self_report_prompt_time_in_seconds, unsigned int level_of_difficulty, int port_number, bool record_observations, bool record_commands, bool record_rewards, bool multiplayer, std::string uuid)


  • mission_id_or_path: - Mission ID or path to an xml file with the mission specifications

  • time_limit_in_seconds: - Duration of the mission in seconds

  • self_report_prompt_time_in_seconds: - Frequency of self-reports

  • port_number: - Port number to connect with the Minecraft server video

  • record_observations: - Flag that activates observations recording

  • record_commands: - Flag that activates commands recording

  • record_rewards: - Flag that activates rewards recording

  • multiplayer: - Flag that indicates a multiplayer mission

  • uuid: -



void start()

Starts the mission


void send_command(std::string command)

Sends command to the host

  • command: - Command to be executed