Modeling complex phenomena such as food insecurity requires reasoning over multiple levels of abstraction and fully utilizing expert knowledge about multiple disparate domains, ranging from the environmental to the sociopolitical.

Delphi is a C++/Python library for assembling causal, dynamic, probabilistic models from information extracted from two sources:

  • Text: Delphi utilizes causal relations extracted using machine reading from text sources such as UN agency reports, news articles, and technical papers.

  • Software: Delphi also incorporates functionality to extract abstracted representations of scientific models from code that implements them, and convert these into probabilistic models.


  • Assembling a model from text: [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

  • Assembling a model from Fortran code:

from delphi.GrFN.networks import GroundedFunctionNetwork

G = GroundedFunctionNetwork.from_fortran_src("""\
      subroutine relativistic_energy(e, m, c, p)

      implicit none

      real e, m, c, p
      e = sqrt((p**2)*(c**2) + (m**2)*(c**4))

      end subroutine relativistic_energy"""
A = G.to_agraph()
A.draw("relativistic_energy_grfn.png", prog="dot")
Executable Grounded Function Network constructed from Fortran source.


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Delphi builds upon INDRA and Eidos. For a detailed description of our procedure to convert text to models, see this document. Delphi is also part of the AutoMATES project.

License and Funding

Delphi is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

The development of Delphi was supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the World Modelers (grant no. W911NF1810014) and Automated Scientific Knowledge Extraction (agreement no. HR00111990011) programs.

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